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Is it true that men spanked their wives before feminists started taking over the world?
Someone told me that men had full authority to bust his wife's butt if she got out of line back in the day. True?
The rule of thumb was a myth. That actually comes from lumberjacks who could measure cuts they needed to make by body parts, in this case their thumbs.

Saying that men had the authority to beat their wives is somewhat true, but is greatly simplifying what happened. The fact is, men could and did get arrested for it well before feminism came along, at least here in the US. I can't speak for all countries. It wasn't common by any means, but it did happen.

The way I learned about it in history classes, for wife-beating to be "allowed," a few criteria had to be met:

1. It had to be done behind closed doors. Nobody wanted to see it happen.

2. There could be no serious injuries, or especially death. Anything that maimed the woman was seen as going overboard. A man who killed his wife could be charged with murder.

3. It was not to be discussed in public. I suppose this could go with #1.

Generally, this was what society deemed appropriate. I'm sure it wasn't universal though, and anyway this mostly covers the Southern US (it was a Southern history class I learned it in).

One of the reasons feminism started was specifically because it was socially acceptable for a man to beat his wife to a large degree. This cannot be denied. However, you can't say that every single man beat his wife. They didn't all do it, as some people will act. But it was a fairly common thing.
Do All The Gemini Wives Like To Be Spanked ?
OR All The Wives Like To Be Spanked?


Spanking is for discipline. Liking it is a play activity. Your 'sign' is quite non-applicable in this.
Why do you think some wives accept to be spanked?
Do not think it does not exist. This is more frequent that you can imagine and the spanking has so many qualities....
I spank my husband. =D
How many other wives get spanked?
My husband spanks me when I misbehave. Are there any other wives out there who get spanked? We practice loving domestic discipline and it is good for our marriage.
I know quite a few couples who practise DD. Wouldn't be my thing - for me spanking is essentially fun/erotic - but it seems to work just fine for them. And evidently it does for you too. So why not?
Why do wives like to be spanked?
During a drunk girls night out a bunch of my wives friends admitted they like to be spanked by their men....why is this
I find it exhiliarating to abdicate all control to someone else. My bf decides if and when I need a spanking. Sometimes its for "disciplinary" reasons, and other times its just a "good girl spanking." He knows that unless I'm spanked often, I'm not at my best, and I appreciate that. He makes sure that there's never too much time that goes by without me going over his knee or a piece of furniture and baring my butt and spanking it. I like it because it shows that he cares about me, and it really turns both of us on when he spanks me, and afterwards, the sex is amazing.
Christian Domestic Discipline where the man is head of the household and the wife is spanked if she disobeys?
Okay, I know that wives are supposed to be submissive but I am talking about the spanking part, discipline if the wife disobeys. A woman told me she wanted to borrow a dollar from her husband to get a spr from the drink machine at work and he wouldn't let her do it because they had soda at home so she started talking back to him and he spanked her. (Kids were upstairs, don't see that) I mean do you think that is right?
Sounds kinky to me!
Christian Domestic Discipline = Perverse Sexual Behaviour?
I can believe that!

PS. Hubby asks where he can get the video.
Is it true that Amish men spank their wives?
Me and some friends was having a discussion today and was wondering if it was true if Amish me spanked there wives since they live like we used to years ago?
No. The Amish are pacifist and non-violent. Spanking anyone would be counter their beliefs. The Amish culture is traditional, but they do not try to preserve their lifestyle to any particular time period.
Wives have your husbands ever spanked you for being bad?
If so, how did you take it?
Well, I'm not the wife in the equation, but I've certainly given my fair share of punishment spankings to my girlfriends. (Only one has progressed to a level that would be equal to a wife, though we're still not married. We have had a commitment ceremony, though, and wear rings.) Since each one consented well ahead of time to be held accountable for wrongdoing (in fact, it was how we met), they each took punishment quite well.
Is it true that husbands used to spank their wives back in the day?
I don't mean sexual foreplay for doing things he thought she shouldn't have done. I"m just wondering since it's shown in older TV shows and movies such as I Love Lucy.

I know there used to be some rule of thumb that said they could hit their wives as long as the stick was under a certain width, but I mean did husbands literally used to pull their wives panties down and spank their butts?
I was about to say that sounds like a good idea, but then you said, "I don't mean sexual foreplay stuff," and I lost interest.

By the way, the "rule of thumb" (the supposed law saying a husband could hit his wife with a stick no thicker than a thumb) never really existed in English or American law. There have been rather extensive attempts to trace this story, and it seems to originate in a misquotation of a legal commentary.
Is it true, men were allowed to spank their wives in the old times?
I was watching I love Lucy, in one of the many parts where Lucy does something bad.....But this time Ricky spanked her....I want to think this was just for comedy, or that he was just treating her like a guy....They were allowed to spank their wives??
Probably. Even as recently as the 1970's nobody ever intervened. People seemed to think it was "their business." Even nowadays I had an argument with a family member b/c he is friends with a guy who punches his wife. He said the same thing--"their business." I think it's the business of the community whenever someone is being victimized.

But some people, even today, practice spanking as punishment. It's called "domestic discipline." I think it's an unhealthy situation b/c it gives one partner total power. And power corrupts.

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